The Boomer Brain: A Magnificent Mind

Brains, like fine wines, get better with age.

You may find this hard to believe if you just tried to remember a name, looked for the glasses sitting on your head or entered a room and forgotten what brought you there.

It’s true that senior brains aren’t built for speed. However, mounting research shows that the overall brain performance continues to improve with age, peaking in the 70’s.

Here are three qualities of maturing minds:

Better problem solving. A physicist in his 70‘s says, “My graduate students can solve math problems more quickly that I can, but I’m a better scientist.”  The Boomer brain can recruit both sides of the brain to solve problems a younger brain approaches with only one side of the brain.

More positive outlooks. The aging brain tends to experience more positive emotions, and less negative ones.  The brain selects positive memories and shifts the current focus to more positive experiences.  This may explain why it’s more fun to be a grandparent than a parent.

More rewarding relationships. Just as pregnant body supports healthy fetal development, the aging brain supports healthy relationships. Conflicts are more easily avoided, and resolved more quickly.   More than one person can be right.  Forgiveness comes more easily.

Promote these positive changes by keeping your brain healthy.  You “use it or lose it.”

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