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Dr. Vicki Rackner is the best story-teller I know. Her heart-warming, entertaining and sometimes shocking personal stories sound an important wake up call to anyone who values their health and happiness. If you’re looking for a vibrant, whole hearted and a well-lived life take her advice.

Susan Harrow
CEO of prsecrets.com and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Dr. Vicki Rackner’s life is one of caring, offering a helping hand to those bouncing back from adversity and stepping into whatever role is necessary to impact the lives of others.  Her experiences as a surgeon, wife and mother, speaker, author and care giver are powerful.  She is a person of integrity who walks her talk and offers solutions in times of stress and life imbalance.

Howard Putnam
Former CEO Southwest Airlines

Dr. Vicki Rackner gets it.  She listens and has a true understanding of the day-to-day challenges hard-working overwhelmed caregivers face. Then with compassion and humor she offers practical ideas about what steps to take next. Sometimes the helping hand comes in the form of what to say and what to do to achieve the desired outcome.  Sometimes it’s an insight that results in a shift in perspective. On dark days, Dr. Vicki offers the light of hope and optimism.  She helps people connect with caregiving as an act of love.

Nancy Lewin
Director, The Caregiver Initiative
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company

Dr. Vicki Rackner is one of the few physician who actively promotes the patient being involved in their own course of care. She understands the value of the patient taking a proactive role in directing and overseeing their medical care rather than just being vulnerable to what we now know as a very potentially dangerous (even fatal) journey to improved health. Dr. Rackner presents in a very pragmatic and understandable way useful tools for patients to better navigate our complex medical system. She also educates providers as to the importance of the patient-doctor relationship and how the transparency of information is crucial to the proper care of the patient.

Louis Rubino, Ph.D., FACHE
Professor / Program Director
Health Administration Program
California State University, Northridge
Office: (818) 677-7257

Dr. Vicki Rackner was an energetic, informative speaker. Her advice was on-target for singles – and anyone – who has ever lacked the courage to disclose their sex-related and other “private” symptoms to a physician. Vicki tells it like it is! She is a Go-To resource for medical topics.

Bonnie D. Graham

Having Dr. Vicki Rackner speak was just what the doctor ordered. Our program is geared toward men.  And men are some of the worst about going to the doctor.  I’m guilty of it myself.  Or at least, I was guilty of it.  Dr. Vicki’s accounts of patient ER stories convinced me to get myself checked out…early!  Thanks Dr. Vicki!

Bruce Martin

I’m still getting calls thanking me for having you. I serve an older demographic and these folks don’t always get the medical help that they need. Your talk has helped them tremendously.

Jim Kerschner

The Personal Health Journal that my employer gave me opened to the page for managing your health calendar. My heart missed a beat when I realized I had not gotten any reminder postcards from either my doctor or from the breast center at my new house where I have lived almost two years. Apparently the mail forwarding order expired by the time the reminders were sent. I quickly scheduled my “yearly” mammogram and PAP test, and they were both normal. I can only imagine how I would have felt if either of these tests showed cancer, and I missed the chance for an early diagnosis because I counted on my doctors to manage my health calendar.

Cathy L.

I loved listening to the funny stories Dr. Rackner told when she gave her talk Doctors are from Mars; Patients are from Venus at our company awards dinner. When she compared the partnership between patient and doctor to the relationship between husband and wife, I decided to divorce my own doctor. The last time I asked a question, he put his hand and my shoulder and said, “Honey, let me be the doctor and worry about that!” I “dated” a few doctors just like she suggested. I found the PERFECT doctor, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Gwen E.

When I read Dr. Rackner’s article about “pain personalities,” I saw myself in the strong stoic who believes that real men don’t get sick. The next week I had a severe case of my typical heartburn and I was annoyed when my wife who also read the article called 911. It turns out I was having a heart attack. My reluctant willingness to face the shame of not having a perfect body may have saved my life. I figured out that a real man knows when to ask for help.

Joe A.

I laughed so hard when Dr Rackner described the 5 embarrassing medical P’s (peeing, pooping, paying, procreating and psychosomatizing) I wet my pants. I decided I was tired of wetting my pants every time I cough, sneeze or laugh. I was tired of suffering in silence. I finally talked with my doctor and we made a plan that has made a big difference in my day-to-day life. Plus, I feel more in charge!

Karen P.

I wanted Mom to see an arthritis specialist, but she didn’t want to offend her doctor by asking for a referral. I asked my mom the question Dr. Rackner posed in the teleseminar, ‘What’s more important: your health or your doctor’s feelings?” Her doctor was perfectly gracious when I asked for the referral, and I’m glad we went. The arthritis doctor made some lifestyle suggestions that have helped Mom. Thanks for giving us the courage and the words to advocate for Mom. It makes me feel better!

Betty R.

I listened to Dr. Rackner’s ideas about partnering with your doctor and kept thinking I never thought about it like that before.” and “I can do that?!” Everything she said made perfect sense. Now when I don’t know what to do at the doctor’s office, I imagine what I would do if I were at a restaurant facing a similar situation. I feel like an adult taking responsibility for my health rather than a kid doing what Dad told me to do.

Howard B.

I love my Personal Health Journal! I love writing and telling my story.

Betty T.

Through my coaching work with Dr. Rackner I realized that my illness does not have me; I have my illness. I learned new skills so I have the choice about how I respond to the medical challenges before me. Even though I’m not cured, I’m much more empowered and have much less pain.

Billy M.

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