For Hospice

Pain Stompers: How to Plug into Patients in Pain with Shorting Out

Learn 7 simple steps to create more rapid and more powerful connections to patients, clients or colleagues in pain (physical, emotional, or even financial); and with the language to coach family members to become first responders themselves, and decrease the patient isolation that leads to suffering.  This means:

• More confidence
• More influence and impact
• Better outcomes
• More rewarding interactions.

From Waging War with Death to Waging Peace with Life:
How to nicely explain what hospice is about to people who don’t get it.

You have your eye-rolling stories about the crazy misperception about hospice care.  How do you graciously replace false assumptions with reality so you can serve more patients?

Surgeon Dr. Vicki Rackner shares her own personal story about her evolving relationship with palliative care.  She offers ideas about how you can help others evolve, too.

Participants leave with:

  • A compassionate understanding about why people resist hospice care.
  • Some words that communicate your value when people ask, “What is hospice care?”
  • Some strategies to respond to misperceptions about hospice care.