For Health Care Teams

Pain Stompers: How to Plug into Patients in Pain with Shorting Out

Learn 7 simple steps to create more rapid and more powerful connections to patients, clients or colleagues in pain (physical, emotional, or even financial); and with the language to coach family members to become first responders themselves, and decrease the patient isolation that leads to suffering.  This means:

• More confidence
• More influence and impact
• Better outcomes
• More rewarding interactions.

Health Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: A Surgeon’s Story of Personal and Professional Transformation

As a practicing surgeon I defined health as the absence of disease; through my personal experience I have come to understand health is not about being perfect; it’s about being perfectly you. I tell my own story that drove the transformation, and offer a concrete step-by-step plan for hanging onto hopes and dreams when life does not unfold as expected. 

They Used to Call ‘Em Doctors’ Orders: How to Persuade Patients to Get On Board with the Plan.

Why do nice patients and upstanding citizens politely ignore their doctors’ advice, and then tell their doctors little white lies? This presentation uncovers the forces that drive non-compliance and then offers some simple, common-sense strategies to help patients make better choices.