Pain Scripts

Would you like to help me write my next book?

Here’s something I have never done.  You are seeing the elements of a book in the process of being written.  Please feel welcome to look through the chapters.  Let me know what you think!

Pain Scripts: 

How to deliver words of comfort, strength and hope, 

and make things better for someone who’s hurting 

 by Vicki Rackner MD



Section I: The Brain and Pain: The biology of pain and empathy

Chapter 1:  Why do we have pain?

Chapter 2: What’s the difference between acute pain and chronic pain?

Chapter 3:  What’s the difference between physical and emotional pain?

Chapter 4: What makes pain better?

Chapter 5: What are the five pain personalities?

Chapter 6: Why do we pass along the pain?

Chapter 7: Are healers born that way?

Section II: The Connection Prescription: What you say to yourself 

Chapter 8:  Set the emotional thermostat.

Chapter 9:  Let them take center stage.

Chapter 10:  Shield them from your pain.

Chapter 11:  Access your wisdom.

Chapter 12:  Master the fine art of verbal persuasion.

Chapter 13:  Play it safe.

Chapter 14:  Know where you’re headed.

Section III: Healing Words: What to say to others

Chapter 15: How to begin a conversation.

Chapter 16: How to say “I love you.”

Chapter 17: How to offer help.

Chapter 18: How to offer an apology and forgive.

Chapter 19: How to participate in medical choices.

Chapter 20: How to respond to insensitive comments.

Chapter 21: How to talk with children about illness.

Back Matter

Book Summary

Quiz: What’s your pain personality?

Quiz: What’s your helping temperament?

Quiz: What are your beliefs about pain and opioids?

Top 10 Phrases to Use –and Avoid

Top 10 Words to Use– and Lose.

How to graciously say no.

How to ask for help.

How to graciously say yes.

How to confront little white lies.

How to respond to unwanted advice.

How to accept a compliment .

How to write a thank you note

How to write a condolence note.

How to respond to anger.

How to respond to judgments about pain.

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