We See a World with Less Pain

The family and friends of the 116 million Americans living with chronic pain want to help, fear they’ll make things worse, and wonder what to do.  They intuitively know that words are powerful medicine that can help–or harm.

Here you will find resources to empower you to help a loved one in pain in the most helpful way.

Our Founder Vicki Rackner MD –a former surgeon, clinical faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine, author, speaker and nationally noted caregiving expert–believes  the ability to offer words of comfort, strength and hope are teachable and learnable skills.

Dr. Rackner culled best practices of skilled healers and resilient families, and noted common mistakes of otherwise well-intentioned people.  She distilled this wisdom down to a simple system she’s presented as keynote addresses at national meetings; families often report immediately improvement when:

  • Compassion replaces judgment  as myths about pain are replaced with brain research reframing chronic pain as a disease of the brain.
  • Confidence replaces uncertainty when armed with the best words to say–and avoid.
  • Empowerment replaces frustration by deferring medical leadership to the physician and assuming strong family leadership.

We see a world of less pain–one person at a time.  Here’s you’ll find the tools that will help you take on a small piece of healing.